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Swisslog Healthcare Continues Realization of Medication Management Strategy in 2020

Building off the announcement of a new business strategy and brand identity introduced in Q4 2019, Swisslog Healthcare continues realization of a comprehensive medication supply chain vision early in 2020. Bringing together Delivery Manager® chain-of-custody software with valuable partnerships incorporating PipelineRx and Savioke, the company introduces hospital outpatient pharmacy services at the time of patient discharge.

DENVER, Colo.— March 10, 2020 —Swisslog Healthcare, a leading global supplier of integrated solutions for medication management in healthcare environments, is advancing the vision of managing the full medication supply chain in hospitals and health systems with the planning and creation of a unique Meds-to-Beds program.

The program includes secure, autonomous robotic delivery of prescribed medication and concierge-style medication reconciliation and consulting to expand the capacity of the retail pharmacy. Swisslog Healthcare brings its Delivery Manager chain-of-custody software together with telepharmacy services and software from PipelineRx along with robotic technology from Savioke to execute the unique program.

Delivery Manager provides intelligent payload tracking, such as specimens, blood, and medication, within the company’s TransLogic® pneumatic tube system, autonomous robotic delivery, and manual transport alike.

Innovative solutions are needed to help hospital facility senior administrators address operational necessities. Through its partnerships, Swisslog Healthcare helps hospitals reduce costs and tap new revenue streams. Follow-on outcomes include improving patient and skilled staff experiences, ensuring higher degrees of patient safety surrounding medication use, increasing medication adherence to maximize therapy benefits, and minimizing 30-day readmissions.

“Hospital senior executives face numerous challenges overseeing optimal discharge medication service delivery to patients while controlling costs, such as additional FTEs, and optimizing payor reimbursements. By studying the market and conducting focused fieldwork, we’ve identified areas where opportunity leaks from today’s standard model. By combining our strengths with those brought by partners PipelineRx and Savioke, Swisslog Healthcare will help its customers create better patient outcomes while also relieving financial pressures that might otherwise negatively impact care delivery or quality,” explained Andy Strunk, Senior Solutions Manager for Swisslog Healthcare and program owner driving the Meds-to-Beds pilot.

“Today’s partnership with Swisslog represents a significant step in bridging the medication management gap between care settings and in this case, from the inpatient to the outpatient setting,” said Brian Roberts, CEO at PipelineRx. “Utilizing our remote clinical pharmacists and technologies to identify and counsel patients in Meds-to-Beds programs is a cost-effective and comprehensive way to administer outpatient medications and advice in a modern, virtual manner, reducing strain on internal pharmacy staff and reducing readmission rates.

“We can help providers improve quality measures affecting profitability and prepare for the rise in demand across the continuum of care,” Strunk added. “In the coming weeks, we’ll have more exciting news to share as we embark on the next phase of our innovative new program.”

Swisslog Healthcare has a 104-year-old rich history of growth and market advancement to serve customers with excellence.

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