Connected Medication Management

Pharmacy solutions for multi-facility health systems.

Realize Your Centralized Pharmacy

Multiple facilities. Many pharmacists. One pharmacy platform.

Virtually centralize clinical pharmacy across all facilities in your health system—and beyond.

Reduce labor by up to 50%

by centralizing operations

Create new revenue streams

by supporting nearby hospitals

Drive clinical initiatives

by redirecting pharmacy staff

Eliminate per diem and overtime pay

by workload balancing

“This cloud-based technology allows us to move in a direction we couldn’t achieve with our legacy systems. It provides us with both scalability and performance exactly when we need it.”

—VP of Operations at a large IDN

Transitions of Care

Medication Management doesn’t end at the hospital.

Reduce readmissions and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes during transitions of care.

PipelineRx Transitions of Care Solution

Prepare for and counsel patients at the point of discharge, then follow up with patients and their caregivers to ensure medication adherence after the patient has returned home.


Easily enroll select patients


Reconcile medications prior to discharge


Generate a home “med card”


Ensure medication delivery and adherence


Studies show that when patients receive care from pharmacists at and following discharge—their risk of readmission is cut by half. (source: AJHP, May 1, 2018)

Clinical Programs

Refocus pharmacists on advanced clinical programs.

With optimized remote pharmacy services, you can drive more high-value clinical initiatives without adding resources. Our clinical software modules help you monitor, track and measure progress to help you get greater results, even with established programs.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Decrease antimicrobial resistance and costs

Opioid Stewardship Program

Improve pain management and help stem the tide of the opioid epidemic

Medication Reconciliation

Prevent adverse drug events during admission, transfer, and discharge

Remote Pharmacy Services

Experienced staff when you need them.

Even with a fully staffed pharmacy, there are times that require extra help. When you use the PowerGridRx platform for any solution, you already have access to our experienced clinical pharmacists. Leveraging our deep pharmacy expertise, we can help you evaluate, design, and implement the programs you are running or are looking to start.

Peak hours, callouts, leaves of absence

Full-time med order review

Weather events and emergency preparedness

EHR transitions and special projects

Clinical program design or management


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