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PipelineRx Reaches New Milestones in Telepharmacy Care, Demonstrating Industry Leadership and Impact

25,000+ Hospital-Admitted Patients Served Daily
2+ Million (and growing) Prescriptions Processed Each Month
2,000 Pharmacist Users

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— September 30, 2019 —PipelineRx, a leading medication management and telepharmacy company powered by clinical expertise and cloud technology, today announced their current reach as the country’s leading telepharmacy innovator. Having partnered with providers across the industry, from the largest and most respected health systems to the most vital critical access and rural hospitals, PipelineRx is pleased to support acute-based care teams across the country.

Hospitals today are looking for partners to help ensure that patients receive the highest level of care in their facilities and are best prepared to thrive upon discharge to the home or a long-term care environment. The key to success is ensuring the patient is on an optimal and safe medication regimen and helping them adhere to that regimen through patient counseling and follow-up.

The Company’s June 2019 announced partnership with YouScript is rapidly gaining the attention of current customers and prospects by helping accomplish this level of care. With the average patient now taking five or more medications daily¹, PipelineRx’s personalized medication screening solution helps support provider customers by improving medication efficacy and safety to ensure the best patient outcomes.

“PipelineRx is fulfilling its vision of providing high quality pharmacy services anytime, anywhere,” said Brian Roberts, PipelineRx CEO. “These milestones confirm the market need for more integrated virtual solutions that extend beyond the hospital and leverage innovative technologies. We are proud to be delivering such critical advancements in pharmacy care.”

¹October 2015; Journal of the American Medical Association

About PipelineRx

PipelineRx is a leader in comprehensive medication management solutions designed to advance pharmacy towards more outcomes-focused patient care. More than 500 facilities in the U.S. and Canada depend on PipelineRx each day to process more than 20 million medication orders annually. Combining the cloud-based platform, PowerGridRx™, with expert clinical pharmacy solutions, PipelineRx delivers a holistic approach that connects patients to their medications across care settings, and helps healthcare organizations of all sizes improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. For more information about PipelineRx, please visit or find the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.