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500 Hospitals Get ‘On The Grid’ with PipelineRx and Company Adds Management Talent

PowerGridRx Pharmacy Platform and Virtual Services Help Hospitals Optimize and Transform Pharmacy–and Amplify Its Impact on Patient Care

Company adds Craig Froude as Chief Strategy Officer to Drive Continued Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—July 31, 2018— PipelineRx, a leading medication management company powered by remote pharmacy services, telepharmacy, and cloud technology, is pleased
to announce that over 500 hospitals have joined its cloud-based, interoperable pharmacy
platform, PowerGridRx™, also known as “the grid.” Collectively, 15 million medication orders
were reviewed and verified on PowerGridRx in the last year by registered pharmacists, and
forecasts show this number will reach 25 million in 2018, helping to improve the care of
countless patients across the United States.

While telepharmacy was initially conceived of as a way for pharmacists to process medication
orders by phone or fax from a remote location, it has evolved into an integrated clinical solution
that drives pharmacy efficiency. The PowerGridRx platform optimizes both pharmacy labor and
workflow, freeing up more pharmacist time to address critical clinical initiatives that impact
patient satisfaction and outcomes, including antimicrobial stewardship, medication
reconciliation, and discharge management. These services and increased staffing flexibility
afforded by pharmacy optimization come at a time when hospitals and healthcare providers of all
sizes are focused on improving outcomes while reducing costs, and are turning to pharmacy as a
strategic resource.

“I am incredibly proud of our team, and the dedication that has gone into supporting each of
these 500 provider partners. We remain committed to navigating the complex challenges of
today’s healthcare system, and establishing a unique program to fit each customer, including
hospital, long term care, managed care, and others,” said Brian Roberts, CEO of PipelineRx. “As
we continue to expand our clinical product and service offerings across the continuum of care,
we are getting closer to connecting every provider and every patient to high-quality pharmacy
services, anytime, anywhere.”

Supporting continuing growth, the company has hired Craig Froude as Chief Strategy Officer.
Froude is a seasoned healthcare technology executive with a track record of driving rapid growth
in technology-enabled healthcare organizations with an emphasis on developing new market
opportunities, building strategic alliances, identifying acquisitions, establishing strategic
partnerships and designing product strategies. Previously, Froude was CEO and Chairman of
CarePayment, an innovative patient financial-engagement company dedicated to helping patients
manage medical expenses in partnership with their providers. He also co-founded and was CEO
of WellMed, and served as President of WebMD Health Services after it was sold to WebMD.
“Based on my experience in the healthcare sector, I am excited about joining PipelineRx at a
time when the pharmacy industry is ripe for disruption,” said Craig Froude. “Healthcare
providers are realizing the strategic power of real-time pharmacy data and Medication Therapy
Management (MTM) programs to transform their pharmacy departments. These initiatives help
increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes and create new revenue streams, and I look
forward to helping them along this journey.”

Since the company’s founding in 2009, PipelineRx has been committed to helping provide better
care to patients while optimizing the data and resources hospitals already have available. When
providers tap into the PowerGridRx network, they are able to centralize and optimize their
pharmacy data and resources, easily add the solutions that they need, and access on-demand
pharmacist coverage. Getting “on the grid” allows for smarter allocation of pharmacy labor and
data analysis, that helps hospitals extend their services and ultimately deliver better patient care
to their communities.

About PipelineRx

PipelineRx is a leader in comprehensive medication management solutions designed to advance pharmacy towards more outcomes-focused patient care. More than 500 facilities in the U.S. and Canada depend on PipelineRx each day to process more than 20 million medication orders annually. Combining the cloud-based platform, PowerGridRx™, with expert clinical pharmacy solutions, PipelineRx delivers a holistic approach that connects patients to their medications across care settings, and helps healthcare organizations of all sizes improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. For more information about PipelineRx, please visit or find the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.