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Integration – what it means for you

by Eric Carter, VP of Integration

As a telepharmacy client, you may not have thought much about our system integrating with your EHR. You already know that we built our software to help us manage fax and scanned orders as well as CPOE orders from a single source, and that our processes are patient-centric vs. med order driven.  You’ve experienced our fast turnaround times and high accuracy rates. But there is still significant room for improvement that only integration can deliver.

Integrating the PipelineRx platform, PowerGridRx, with your hospital system helps to ensure our pharmacists are working with the most accurate, comprehensive data and enables critical decision-support functionality. This improves what our pharmacists see and how they work, which results in:

  • Faster turnaround times
  • More accurate reporting
  • Decreased training time
  • Better patient care

Integration increases efficiency and accuracy

Our integrations are focused on helping pharmacists make better decisions, faster, directly impacting the quality of care.  These bidirectional integrations come in five forms: 

  1. Admissions, discharges, and transfers, or ADT, provides more complete patient demographic information for the pharmacist seeing the orders.
  2. Lab Results provides a consolidated and quick view of only pharmacy related lab results so the pharmacists can see results quickly and prioritize their work.
  3. Unverified Orders acquires the CPOE pharmacy med orders before our pharmacists have verified them. Pharmacists get a notification when a CPOE order has been placed in the hospital system and a quick view of all med orders. This often cuts the turnaround time for CPOE orders in half.
  4. Verified Orders close the loop on what our pharmacists have done, resulting in more accurate reporting of work.
  5. Order Verification integration back into the EHR greatly decreases turnaround time, as pharmacists are able to trigger order verifications from our software instead of connecting remotely to the EHR to do verifications there. It also reduces errors from doing work in two separate systems.  

Working Smarter

Once an unverified order feed is available, the Business Rules Engine helps ensure our pharmacists can better enforce your hospital’s policies and procedures. With the integration, notifications can be delivered to the pharmacist based on specific logic or rules, such as:

  • Auto-substitutions, which can be created as rules so the pharmacist will know when they are appropriate without memorization
  • Medications with procedural information can be set up to prompt the pharmacist to review the procedure 

Do you have limited IT staff?

Our integration process requires minimal time from your IT staff. These tasks typically take less than four hours in total, and sometimes can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Concerned about security?

Protecting your patients’ data is of the utmost concern for us. All integration activity takes place across an encrypted VPN tunnel allowing no outside access to the traffic in transit.  Based on our model and hardware, the system and processes by which we acquire the messages across these integrations are all secure. 

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In short, integration helps our pharmacists serve you and your patients better, so why wait to integrate? Contact your Client Success Group representative to get started.